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CapitalBio Technology and Celsee Diagnostics Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreeme

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(November 17, 2015) Plymouth, MI–Celsee Diagnostics, an innovator of cutting-edge products of liquid biopsy, today announced execution of an exclusive distribution agreement with CapitalBio Corporation for the Celsee PREP100, Celsee PREP400 and Celsee ANALYZER platforms. The agreement covers research use of the Celsee systems in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
      Celsee PREP100 and Celsee PREP400 automate label-free capture of CTCs in individual isolation chambers where immunochemistry, DNA FISH, mRNA FISH characterization chemistries are delivered directly to the cells. The high capture efficiency allows isolation of normal CTCs as well as small CTCs and micro-metastases. After capture and characterization, prepared Celsee PREP slides can be automatically analyzed using the Celsee ANALYZER five-color imaging system, which provides multiplex single-cell analysis of isolated cells for researchers to better understand cancer cell heterogeneity and driver mutations.
   “We are pleased to welcome CapitalBio Technology to our expanding team of international distributors. Their excellent reputation positions our label-free, automated CTC detection and analysis platforms for tremendous future growth in the rapidly developing liquid biopsy market in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,"
stated Celsee Diagnostics’ President and Chief Executive Officer Kalyan Handique.
    “We believe that the state of art CTC detection and analysis platforms are of technological values in moving forward the development in cancer diagnostics and related cancer research. Celsee Diagnostics has always been at the forefront in technology innovations and has facilitated scientific research for cancer healthcare professionals. We are looking forward to working with Celsee Diagnostics to drive excellent performance in the market in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. This strategic partnership offers both parties a great opportunity to further develop unique cutting-edge models in the industry.” Stated Junquan XU, the CEO of CapitalBio Technology.
About Celsee Diagnostics
Celsee Diagnostics, a privately-held Michigan-based company, develops automated systems for rare CTC enrichment and single-cell analysis. The company's precise, accurate, and reliable platform for research and clinical diagnostics development will allow healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patients' therapeutic treatment and outcomes. The label-free Celsee PREP platforms perform all the required processing steps to isolate and execute downstream single-cell analysis including immunochemistry, DNA FISH and mRNA FISH, while the Celsee ANALYZER scans and analyzes the prepared slide automatically. For more information, visit

About CapitalBio Corporation
Located in northwest Beijing since the year 2000, CapitalBio Corporation is a leading provider of life science solutions. The Company provides a comprehensive product range to a wide spectrum of end-users from biomedical researchers to health care professionals. These products include biochips and related instrumentation, software and databases, reagents and consumables for applications in drug development, clinical diagnostics and biosafety testing. For more information, visit