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Tests show Amlogic A113X SoC/reference design outperforms the most popular voice

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Amlogic is proud to announce that the far-field voice control performance of its A113X-based reference design is outperforming other products in its category according to acoustical tests performed by DSP Concepts.
DSP Concepts tested the ability of the A113X reference design to recognize voice commands from a distance, and to understand voice commands even when a system is playing music or in noisy environments. Typically, the A113X achieves a signal-to-noise ratio about 6 dB better than products on the market today. In real-world use, that means the A113X can recognize commands at about double the distance – which means it works much more reliably from across a room or even from the next room, and recognizes softly spoken commands more reliably.
This impressive level of performance is achieved due to the advanced soft DSP algorithms developed and perfected by DSP Concepts. Using soft DSP algorithms has the additional advantage of providing additional flexibility for tuning to the target final application as well as eliminating the cost and complexity of a separate DSP device to handle voice control.
1. Amlogic A113X reference design is optimized for voice control applications
      A. Meets performance requirements of different assistant ecosystems
      B. Makes it easier to create smart speaker products
      C. Does voice recognition within the SoC, saves cost and complexity vs. products requiring a separate DSP
2. Tests show A113X reference design outperforms existing voice command systems
      A. Extensive testing by technology partner DSP Concepts
      B. A113X reference design typically outperforms existing products by 6 dB
      C. This means it can recognize commands at about twice the distance
      D. Softly spoken commands are more reliably recognized
      E. Commands spoken during music playback are more reliably recognized
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