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  • Aglaia Tech

    Beijing Aglaia science and technology development co., LTD., was established in November 2010. The company focus on the development and application of new organic light-emitting materials (OLED). After more than a decade of patent planning and stockpiling, it has become the leading enterprise of OLED materials in mainland China, with more than 100 research and development achievements and more than 40 OLED materials for mass production. It is a domestic OLED upstream supply chain enterprise that can provide OLED materials and technical solutions with independent intellectual property rights, effectively reduce costs and avoid patent risks.
  • ARM China

    Investment quota: >1b RMB

    Fusing Arm’s world-leading industry ecosystem resources and technological excellence with local innovation and growth through Chinese partnerships, Arm China is focused on becoming the leading intellectual property development and service platform for supporting and promoting the rapid development of the electronic industry in china.
    As the headquarter of Arm’s IP business in China, arm china will license arm technology to partners headquarter in China who in turn will continue to supply their products globally. Arm China will also provide independent research and development for Arm-based IP and technology addressing China’s pressing market needs to support local innovation.
  • Happigo

    Investment quota: >10m RMB

    A leading TV shopping company in China, was founded in 2005.  One of recommended companies by Hunan Province to be listed. A shares listed in Shenzhen on January 21, 2015. Happigo started from “TV department store and chain operation”, positioned “media retail, e-commerce”, and committed to cross-industry, cross-media and cross-regional development. In the past 11 years, it has grown into a leader in the new generation of home shopping industry in China.
  • Amlogic

    Investment: US Dollar>10 million

    Crystal Morning Semiconductor(Shanghai)was founded in July 11,2003,the registered capital of US111.9446 million, has 24 patents, the product T866 Amlogic was given the title of the most promising product in the "Tenth China Core Selection". Accounting for more than 50% of market share of the smart set-top boxes chip market, expected to be in the GEM IPO 2015.
  • Quectel Wireless Solutions

    Investment quota: >100m RMB

    Established in 2010, Quectel Wireless Solutions is a leading global supplier of LTE, UMTS/HSPA(+), GSM/GPRS and GNSS modules. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, it boasts of 32 sales technical support offices, 2 R&D centers, 70+ global distributors. It is one of the world’s top five module suppliers. Quectel’s market share is considerably high, and they have formed strong strategic cooperation with their contemporaries, such as Qualcomm and Huawei. 
  • Tsinghua Bio Technology

    Investment: RMB>100 million

    China's leading bio-pharmaceutical company, including in vitro diagnostic reagents, equipment and third-party testing and a series of products and services. It's a Tsinghua University subsidiary enterprise. The average sales and profit growth rate is more than 30%. Red Horse Investment participated as a strategic investor in its pre-IPO stage.
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