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Celsee CTC system introduced by CapitalBio Technology has received extensive att

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On May 20th-21st 2016, The Liquid Biopsy and Clinical Application Seminar was splendidly held in Shanghai. In the meeting, CapitalBio Technology introduced Celsee CTC system for the first time. The Celsee CTC system have received extensive attention from all walks of life.
       This meeting invited over 300 professionals including domestic and foreign scholars, clinical doctors, research institutes and so on. Junquan Xu, president of CapitalBio Technology and Doctor Wang Xinyi, CSO of Celsee Diagnostics gave a wonderful lecture.
About Celsee Diagnostics
      Celsee Diagnostics (formerly DeNovo Sciences) is an innovator of cutting-edge products in the emerging liquid-biopsy field. Our goal is to transform cancer diagnostics by creating precise, accurate, and reliable tools for research and clinical diagnostics development.
      For many metastatic and recurrent cancers, such as lung and prostate, procuring repeat biopsy samples is extremely challenging. Liquid biopsy is a less invasive alternative especially in cases where patient monitoring is critical to therapeutic decision making.
      Collectively Celsee Diagnostics’ leadership, executives, Board of Directors, scientific advisors, and clinical partners contribute years of business, research, development and commercial experience to solving one of the world’s leading causes for death, cancer.